Welcome to tlvshop.com!

Buy stickers atomically over the Lightning Network

Update April 15 2020: This was an interesting experiment, thanks to everyone who participated. We ran out of stickers and have now disabled the shop. While this website still works, you won't be able to order stickers anymore.

All successfully placed orders have been fulfilled.

This is not an ordinary webshop. There is no browser, no shopping cart, no checkout page and no credit card required. What is it then? It is a 100% pure Lightning shop, possibly one of the first of its kind.

Pure Lightning means that the only communication between buyer and us is a Lightning payment. Since the introduction of custom tlv records (hence the name tlvshop.com), it is possible to attach arbitrary data to a payment. You can use this new functionality to attach a delivery address to the payment.

Users of LND are able to order, pay for and get stickers delivered with just a single lncli command. The same privacy guarantees that apply to a Lightning payment will also apply to your order details.

The current offering is rather limited. In fact the only article that we currently sell is a set of three cool "RUN LND" stickers:

We don't advertize a price for the set of stickers. We could announce a price right here on this page, but that would go against the idea of pure Lightning. Ideally a price list would be obtainable through Lightning, but that is difficult to realize with the protocol as it is today. As a workaround you can use trial and error to discover the current price. Payments with an insufficient amount will be cancelled back instantly.

To make it easy to place an order, an lncli command line generator is provided below. Please note that none of what you enter there is sent out from this webpage directly. You could download this page and run it offline to be sure.

Also, make sure you enter your address correctly. If you leave the email field blank, we won't be able to contact you.

Happy buying!

Delivery address

Valid first name is required.
Valid last name is required.
Please enter your shipping address.
Please select a valid country.
Please provide a valid state.
Zip code required.
Please enter a valid city.
Please enter a valid amount in satoshis.
Please enter a valid email address for shipping updates.

The command to run

All you need to do is to run the following command which will send a "keysend" payment with the order data encoded in hex. If the payment succeeds, the order is submitted. If not, try a different price and/or make sure you are able to pay on mainnet.

Build your own TLV shop by forking this code on GitHub.